Last year, an estimated $2 billion in shipping refunds were left unclaimed.

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We utilize bank level security and safeguards to keep your data secure and protected.

We stay out of your way

Refund Tiger stays in the background, your shipping operation remains the same – except refunds start coming in!

so, why is refundtiger better?

we identify and recover for more recovery points than any other company in the industry, including:

  • Late Shipments
  • Voids (Manifested, not shipped)
  • Invalid Address Corrections
  • Invalid Billing Surcharges
  • Invalid Dim Weight Charges
  • Residential/Commercial Adjustments
  • Duplicate Invoice Charges
  • Lost Shipments
  • The industry’s most comprehensive cloud based reporting solution.

5% of your packages are late & fully refundable! RefundTiger tracks those shipments down and gets you the refunds you deserve.

we take your shipments seriously, leaving no stone unturned.

unmatched visibility:
The most comprehensive shipping reporting and analytics solution on the market.
Mobile friendly reporting: Access on any smartphone or tablet.
Analyze trends, identify outliers: Get a clear view of your spend across all carriers and modes.
Ship Smarter: Get the insight you need to make informed shipping decisions.

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4. Payment

You give us a percentage back!

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