You have questions – We got answers!!

What exactly does RefundTiger do?

We are a technology company with the most advanced FedEx/UPS auditing solution on the market. We identify late shipments and file claims on your behalf. You get refunds credited directly to your shipping accounts; you pay us a percentage at the end of the month.

So, what’s it going to cost me?

We bill for a 50% of the refunds we recover to your shipping accounts. We have zero other fees ever. If we don’t save you money we don’t get paid, it’s that simple.

Am I locked into a contract of any sort?

We work month to month with our clients – you can cancel at anytime.

Do FedEx/UPS really guarantee every shipment? Even ground shipments? Seriously?!

Yes they guarantee all shipments. Ground/Air and international.

So, how does FedEx & UPS feel about this program? Will this affect my relationship with them?

FedEx & UPS guarantee on time delivery and that they will bill you correctly. We work within those defined terms to help you the shipper. In short FedEx & UPS are cool with this-we work with a large number of high volume shippers with no problems to date.

Got it, sounds cool! So why do I need RefundTiger? Can’t I do this on my own?

Wow, great question! Yes, you can get refunds on your own – but most companies never claim these guaranteed refunds because:

• They don’t know the shipment is late until the recipient calls to complain.
• They don’t want the administrative hassle of claiming the refund.
• There isn’t enough time in the day to track hundreds of shipments just to find a few refunds.

If you are considering claiming the refunds yourself,

(a) review the service guarantee on the carriers’ website
(b) identify a service failure in your recent shipments,
(c) claim the refund.

Take these steps and you’ll undoubtedly agree that we are the most cost-effective solution!

Great concept, Why is RefundTiger the best auditing company to work with?

We audit and recover refunds for more claims opportunities than any other company in this space. Including:

•           Late Shipments
•           Lost Shipments
•           Voids-Labels you print but don’t actually ship. UPS bills you as if you shipped it.
•           Invalid Address Corrections
•           Invalid Billing Surcharges
•           Invalid Dim Weight Charges
•           Residential/Commercial Adjustments
•           Duplicate Invoice Charges
•           Full invoice/contract audit available as well.

We also offer the industry’s most comprehensive & mobile friendly reporting tools to help you ship Smarter, faster and cheaper.

Is my info secure?

Yes! We take your shipments seriously, really seriously! We offer bank level security and the most robust encryption technology available.

I’m a high volume shipper I need a special set up/pricing, can you help?

Yes, we offer a reduced split for high volume shippers-please be sure to contact us.

Sounds interesting, but…

On the fence? Have questions? No problem! Please call us at (201) 365-4564 or email us at