FedEx Refunds for Late Delivery

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You put a lot of time and effort into operating your business, so when it comes to shipping, you’re looking for the most cost effective and direct means for your packages to safely reach your customers. In a perfect world, packages are always delivered undamaged and on time. But of course everything doesn’t happen as planned. Although FedEx provides a guarantee on their service, in order to discover and recover your refund, you would need to manually track and audit each individual package.

FedEx refunds are guaranteed by the Fedex company policy that states if a package is late (even just 60 seconds!) you are entitled to a refund. Exceptions include incorrect address, insufficient information and weather delays. However, you have to act fast. FedEx gives you 15-days to file your claim, after which you no longer qualify for a refund. Without an automated tracking system, it can be incredibly difficult to identify late packages within this short 15-day time frame.

That’s where we come in. With RefundTiger, we monitor your shipping account and take care of the entire refund process. This means you relax while we use an advanced auditing solution to locate late shipments, file claims and credit money directly back to your shipping account.


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