Every FedEx & UPS package you ship has an on time delivery Money Back Guarantee. If your package is late, you’re entitled to a full refund for the shipping cost.

The catch? Fedex & UPS don’t give you a refund unless you ask for it.

refundtiger identifies all eligible shipments and recovers the money you're owed. You sit back and collect.

  1. You fill out our Secure and simple sign-up form linking up your FedEx and UPS accounts. Then you’re done!
  2. RefundTiger gets to work immediately. We begin identifying all shipments eligible for refunds.
  3. RefundTiger submits claims to the carriers on your behalf and follows up manually to recover claims that have been denied.
  4. The refunds get credited directly to your account.
  5. At the end of the month we invoice you for a percentage of the money we recovered on your behalf.

Once you’re signed up:

You get full access to our online reporting system.
We show you how to ship smarter and more efficiently.
Identify the KPI’s driving your spend up-and ways to reduce your costs proactively.

Services we monitor & recover for:



we identify the most recovery opportunities in the industry
Late Shipments
Lost Shipments
Invalid Address Corrections
Invalid Billing Surcharges
Invalid Dim Weight Charges
Residential/Commercial Adjustments
Duplicate Invoice Charges
Full invoice/contract audit available as well

result driven analytics

We provide the industry’s most advanced reporting tools to help you ship

Smarter, Faster & Cheaper

  • KPI’s to help you understand costs across all modes and zones.
  • Full recovery reports detailing our refund activity.
  • Interactive visual mapping for quick visibility and clarity.
  • Identify consolidation and service downgrade opportunities by the click of a button.
  • And much more….

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