UPS Money Back Guarantee

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When you ship with UPS, you are paying for their commitment to delivering your packages on time and damage free. If something goes wrong, UPS provides a money back guarantee. However, it isn’t as simple as UPS acknowledging your package is late and automatically crediting the money to your account.

In fact, it’s up to you to request the UPS refund and file the claim in writing or by phone all within 15 days from the date of the scheduled delivery. Just with even a dozen packages, keeping track of your packages and going through this process on your own can be overwhelming. And after realizing that you must file the claim in writing or by phone (not email) within 15 days of when the package was supposed to be delivered, it can leave you wondering if it’s really worth it?

With RefundTiger’s help, it’s worth it. Our advanced reporting and analytics solution automates the process so that we can track and locate all possible refund opportunities. As soon as our solution recognizes a late package, we’ll immediately file the claim and credit the money back to your account.